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A digital edition of queer literary journal Overcom.

Celebrating significant days in Aotearoa's queer calendar with poetry by queer writers.

bisexuality sq_1.png
pansexual visibility day sq_1_1.png
gay day_1.png
sq 22.11.12 trans awareness week_1.png
2022 idahobit.png
nb day sq_1.png
pink triangle calendar_1.png
asexuality day_1.png
2022.12.15 the circle_1.png
int lesbian day sq.png
2022 lesbian visibility day.png
homosexual law reform_1.png
marriage amendment act_1.png
aotearoa pride_1.png
2022.12.03 civil union square_1.png
2022 non-binary day.png
2022 marriage amendment act.png
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