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Jessica Miku

There is a Woman Inside My Soul

(after Yoko Ono)

say:      I  have a woman inside my soul and
she is whispering a prayer      for the end of the world (clap twice)
an apocalyptic devotion      (deep bow)

the woman is curled up      to the right of my heart
each beat sending ripples      through her body
crushed against ribcage      each breath
the warmth of her      filling me up / feverish

how do I reconcile      with this woman inside my soul
(I wish I knew) but I am of the earth      earthy
and I don’t know      how to save the world

I wish I knew      what she wants
I wish I knew      what she means to me

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Jessica Miku (she/they) is a Japanese/Pākehā artist based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. They spend time painting, playing the clarinet, reading, and looking after their plants! Their current favourite song is "Daydream" by Baby Cool. @je.c.kah

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