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Kate Aschoff

Not here for the right reasons!

just me and my iPhone 6 against the world..... 
damn girl you thought being mentally ill was hard??? try healing that shit, that’s a 60 hr work week babes
I believe in service to others but I believe in going to bed to watch reality tv more
every time I post on Insta I feel like I’ve just committed a war crime
no you are hiding in a bathroom at a potluck
I just want cheese and more mimosa and to go home 
Taylor swift is my safe space
betray yourself LAST u silly bitch !!! what are yah doing pal
my gender identity is chandler in s1 friends
i think if I was an animal I’d be a chinchilla bc they always shaking and afraid
thank u codeine for letting me live my life 4 the night I do feel a bit like Cinderella! love u
said something that left my therapist speechless so I think I’ll probably never tell anyone anything ever again
nonbinary but also sometimes all I crave is to be a Victorian woman receiving & writing steamy letters by candlelight to a suitor who is Not Suitable but I will eventually run off to the countryside with anyway
you have to laugh 
you have to cry
you have do it all again (there’s nothing left for you)
fill the void with all these thoughts, why not!!
It still won't fill ur heart

aotearoa pride_1.png

Kate Aschoff (they/them) is a multimedia artist and poet based in Pōneke. They publish monthly essays on their Substack, FEELINGS WHEEL. Kate has written work in Bad Apple, The VUW Social Justice Journal, The Spinoff and in a series of self-published zines. This year they are writing their first book of poetry. @kate_aschoff

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