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On this day in 2013, the Marriage Amendment Act passed in Aotearoa. The bill meant that anyone could marry, regardless of sexuality or gender.

Pippi Jean

One Day

today I saw two women together
for real, realer than the
paper flowers on my head

one wore blue,
the other a blush,
and both their son by the hand

he strayed a little far
out to steal Aotea Square’s heart
so they started after him after

a kiss,
short and sure as the tying of
a shoelace, which says,

stay. Don’t come loose.

and hell if the warring weights of
who I want to be would only
tie together like that,

unbreakable in the April city chill,

I’d be – I’d just, unapologetically, be.

the six of us sit
in our paper flower crowns
and stare,

oh how we wish we could wear
ourselves so well.

Pippi Jean is a writer living and studying in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. She really likes all her friends and taking long walks on the beach so could probably exist quite happily as a small dog. Her writing has been published in Starling, Mayhem, Landfall, Milly Magazine, Poetry New Zealand Yearbook, and Overcommunicate Issue 2 and 7.

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