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aotearoa pride_1.png
Moana Murray

This funny little dance
between fibers & threads
fingertips &  skin
breath & soil

Wrapped around your finger like freshly exposed muka 
Kua hāroa

Roughly bound together like para of that processed silk 
I tīrahatia

Is it intentional?
How we found ourselves here
Did you mean to lull me?
Into this sweet mauri tau

Bundled, revered, held
Placed right where she should be.

aotearoa pride_3.png

Moana Murray (Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Kura, Ngāti Kauau, Takatāpui) is a grateful mokopuna, a kairaranga, a creative, and a scholar. Through her creative practice, Moana embodies how the formerly-diasporic and takatāpui Māori forge new routes to belonging and reject colonial constructions of what it means to be Indigenous. @zoemoana

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